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Oplas Transport Consultancy has developed www.cpcholder.co.uk for the purpose of showing the importance, of the CPC Holder’s work in the transport industry of today & in the future. Plus promoting its CPC Holder Finder Service, for those looking to engage the services of a CPC Holder. To act as the nominated Transport Manager, on their Standard Operators Licence application or on the current Standard Operators Licence they hold. If they do use the CPC Holder Finder Service then any CPC Holder they engage, it will be for the CPC Holder to work under External Transport Manager conditions.


Need to know more about the CPC Certificate & Brexit?

When using this website, you will notice the term “Transport Manager CPC Holder” this term is used due to the fact that a Certificate of Professional Competence holder has shown via examination that they are competent to manage transport operations under current regulations. For a Standard
Operators Licence to be valid, the nominated Transport Manager, must have obtained & hold a valid Certificate of Professional Competence.

Therefore, a CPC Holder is a formally recognised & qualified Transport Manager, which is
why many in the transport industry use both terms together. In describing the job of a Transport Manager on a Standard Operators’ Licence.

Please use the links highlighted on this page for more information on our CPC Holder Finder Service & for those CPC Holders looking to add their details to our CPC Holder Database, interested in carrying out External Transport Manager work. For other road transport regulation management services offered by Oplas Transport Consultancy. You will find the links for these services at the bottom of all the pages of this website. Also, please feel free to navigate your way through this www.cpcholder.co.uk, if you are
after more information relating to matters concerning the Certificate of Professional Competence Qualification. Or information on being a CPC Holder & acting as a nominated Transport Manager on a Standard Operators Licence.

Finally, Oplas Transport Consultancy would like to thank you for giving some of you time, in visiting our website & the chance for Oplas Transport
Consultancy to inform you of its services & the solutions they offer in road transport compliance.

This Website & the the information shown on it, has Been Produced as a Basic Guide, to Show the relationship between a CPC Holder, & the Operator Licence Regime. Therefore, it Cannot Be Considered as Formal Legal Advice