Restricted Operators Licence
Application Management Service

Restricted Operators Licence Management & Compliance Solutions, Offered by Oplas Transport Consultancy are aim to provide professional advice in the areas of Restricted Operator Licence Applications, Compliance Management.

This is done by an initially conducting an compliance audit, on the Restricted Operators Licence holder system of work, for maintaining the required level of compliance, in relation to the Restricted Operators Licence held. The audit is in style & format similar to those compliance audits, as carried out by the enforcement body DVSA (Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency formally known as VOSA).

This means that the remit of the compliance audit to be undertake, focuses on compliance and management control of the Restricted Operators Licence. It will report on the level of the Restricted Operator Licence holder & the senior management team understanding & interpretation, of the conditions (Undertakings) of the Restricted Operators Licence held is sufficient. Please find below areas that make up a Restricted Operator Licence compliance audit:

  • Drivers Hours Records
  • Tachograph Infringements
  • Working Time Directive Records (Road Transport Directive RTD) Records
  • Tachograph analysis & Working Time Directive Compliance analysis.
  • Procedures for inform drivers of (Drivers Hours, Tachograph, RTD) infringements
  • Action taken to avoid recurrences of infringements
  • Driving Licences Checks
  • Driver road traffic offences, graduated fixed penalties required notification, investigation, & follow up action & recording processes
  • Arrangements for training new drivers & statutory & refresher training for existing drivers
  • Planning & execution of Periodical Mechanical Inspections, MOT’s & other Compliance requirements in relation to the use of the operators vehicles
  • Drivers daily checks
  • Driver defect reporting
  • Defect rectification & recording
  • Scene of an accident reporting procedures
  • Accident repairs records
  • Investigations and follow up action in respect of poor driver performance
  • Claims against the company prosecutions & summons
  • Correct loading/unloading of vehicles
    • Vehicle load security
    • Guidance & systems of work in place for the prevention of Overloading of vehicles
    • Vehicle Maintenance & use offences, prohibition notices, investigations, and follow up action
    • Arrangements to confirm vehicle road fund compliance
    • Arrangements to confirm the required Insurance coverage for company vehicles & their operation is in place.
    • Arrangements for the hiring, use, & returning of hire vehicle(s)

    The next step is for a meeting between Oplas & the Restricted Operators Licence. Where the compliance audit findings, & its recommendations are part of a process in developing, a bespoke system of work, for the maintaining of Restricted Operators Licence Compliance. So that the Restricted Operators Licence holder will maintain the level compliance that is required by the Operator Licence regime.

From our experience, those questions mainly fall into two categories:

1. You are currently a Restricted Operators Licence holder & looking for help & advice in relation to maintaining the required compliance in relation to the Restricted Operators Licence that you hold. Then if so

2. You are an Restricted Operators Licence Holder and have received call up papers for a public inquiry & are looking for some more formal advice on Restricted Operators Licence Compliance; If so