CPC Holder Definition

CPC Holder Definition: Introduction

CPC Holder Definition, or description relates to a person who holds a Certificate of Professional Competence in Transport Management, hence the term CPC Holder. A Certificate of Professional Competence or CPC is gained by taking & passing an examination, after which the person is rewarded with a Certificate of Professional Competence, or CPC, & they are then considered to be Professional Competent in the management of transport operations.

Therefore, a CPC Holder is an officially qualified Transport Manager. This is where the other term connected with being a CPC Holder, & working in transport management has developed. That being Transport Manager CPC Holder, which has become the norm in describing a CPC Holder who is nominated on a Standard Operator’s Licence.

CPC Holder: Conditions for Being a Nominated Transport Manager CPC Holder

Only when the Operator’s Licence is either a standard national or international Operator’s Licence. Is there the requirement for a suitable qualified i.e. a person holding a Certificate of Professional Competence, or CPC Certificate, to be nominated as the Transport Manager. There are other conditions the CPC Holder must meet to be the Transport Manager, on a Standard Operator’s Licence.

  • The CPC Holder must be a neutral person. They cannot be either commercial entity such as a limited company, or even a none commercial entity like a charity.
  • As previously stated, they must be a suitable qualified person i.e. a Certificate of Professional Competence. There are however other forms of qualification which are considered as being the equivalent of the CPC qualification in Transport Management qualification. These types of qualification are recognised by the regulatory body (The Office of the Traffic Commissioner). If a party is using such a Qualification or award, they it is best to check with the Office of the Traffic Commissioner. To see if their qualification or award is still recognised, as being equivalent to the Certificate of Professional Competence.
  • The CPC Holder acting as the nominated Transport Manager must have a formal recognised link to the Operators Licence, which they are nominated on. Examples being, employee, director, company secretary, owner or shareholder.
  • Some Standard Operator Licence holders use a self-employed (Sub-Contract, Freelance, Outsourced), CPC Holder as the nominated Transport Manager. If this is the case then the requirement of a formal recognised link to the Operator’s Licence, which they are nominated on. Is normally done via the use of a Contract of Services.

CPC Holder: Restricted Operator’s Licence Compliance Management  

It possible for a CPC Holder to be Transport Manager, but unlike on a Standard Operators Licence there is no formal recognition of the position by the regulatory or enforcement bodies. The Transport Manager title would be in internal title, recognised within the organisation of the party or entity classed as the Operator Licence Holder. This is normal the case with a Restricted Operator’s Licence.

When the Operator Licence is of a type, or nature know as a Restricted Operators Licence, also known as a Own Account Operator’s Licence. There is no statutory requirement to nominate a person, who is a holder of a Certificate of Professional Competence, or CPC Holder, as a Transport Manager, on this type of Operator’s Licence.

It is now common place for Restricted Operator Licence Holders to engage the services of a Certificate of Professional Competence, on a freelance (Sub-Contract/Self-Employed) conditions?  To advise & help with maintaining compliance to the Operator Licensing Regulations. If this is the case then the CPC Holder would be considered as being a Transport Consultant, by the enforcement & regulatory bodies.

If you are either a CPC Holder interested in doing Transport Management work, in relation to Restricted Operator Licensing. Or a Restricted Operator’s Licence holder interested in engaging the skills & services of a CPC Certificate holder, to maintain compliance to the operator licensing regime. Then within this website there is a dedicated page relating to CPC Holders & Restricted Operator’s Licence, compliance management work. Please use the link indicated to take you to the dedicated page as mentioned.

CPC Holder: Summary

In the purist form, the definition for CPC Holder is simple. A CPC Holder: Is a person who has gained a Certificate of Professional Competence Holder in transport management. However, when the CPC Holder starts to use the Certificate of Professional Competence Holder they have obtained, in regards to being a nominated Transport Manager on a Standard Operator’s Licence. This is when the definition can become unclear, & the end result is the joining of two terms, i.e. Transport Manager & CPC Holder. Into Transport Manager CPC Holder.

CPC Holder: How can Oplas Transport Consultancy Help

The highlighted links below, will direct you to information on matters surrounding External Transport Management work, & other areas of road transport regulatory compliance.

You are an Operator Licence applicant/holder looking to Find a CPC Holder. To act as the nominated Transport Manager on the current Operators Licence you hold, or are applying for & wish to engage them. Under External Transport Manager conditions.

You are a CPC holder willing to undertake External Transport Management work, & wish to add you contact details to Oplas Transport Consultancy Database of CPC Holders. So that you can be contacted directly by those wishing to engage your skills & services as a Certificate of Professional Competence Holder.

If there are any other questions on road transport compliance, which you feel need answering. Then please use the highlighted link shown to Contact Oplas Transport Consultancy, & we will contact you back as quickly as possible.

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This Guide Has Been Produced, as a Basic Definition of the Term CPC Holder, in Relation to the Operator Licence Regime & Therefore Cannot Be Considered as Formal Legal Advice